Subject: Christee, Co-Owner and President, Graham Roofing Inc. (GRI) (West Point, MS)
Submitted/Written By: National Women in Roofing
Date Posted: September 26, 2023

During college, Christee’s career started in her family-owned nursing home business. After selling the nursing home, Christee took a temporary job with Graham Roofing beginning in March 1997. She has remained at Graham Roofing ever since.

As the years passed by, Christee wore many hats at Graham Roofing. In addition to office administration and accounting, she took on workplace safety, marketing, and project management roles. In 2018, she became a co-owner and President.

For Christee, the roofing profession has been challenging but extremely rewarding. In her view, you are always learning something new. Each day presents an opportunity to meet wonderful people in the roofing industry - a field with a never-ending demand.

While being seen as a woman in roofing and getting on a roof were hurdles to her personally, Christee believes women do very well in this industry. Roofing fulfills an essential function - to protect a person’s or business’s most important possessions.

Christee’s story is one of perseverance and determination. She has shown that the possibilities are endless if you stick to it. As a business owner, she enjoys watching her employees take pride in their work and making a difference in their customers’ lives.

Joining National Women in Roofing:
At National Women in Roofing Day in 2018, Christee first became acquainted with NWiR. Following that event, she wanted to become more connected. At that time, NWiR’s National Membership Committee needed to fill a leadership role. Christee accepted the position and never looked back. Today, she is on NWiR’s Executive Committee.

By becoming involved with NWiR, Christee has built an incredible support network of women in roofing to help her professionally and stand with her in times of crisis, sadness, celebration, and joy. In Christee’s view, NWiR empowers and gives women a voice through professional development, education, training, and networking.