Subject: Joyce, Director of Human Resources, CMR Construction & Roofing (Fort Worth, TX)
Submitted/Written By: National Women in Roofing
Date Posted: September 26, 2023

In many ways, Joyce entered the roofing profession almost by accident. In college, she studied economics. Following college, her first job was in finance and insurance. Subsequently, she worked as a school teacher and administrator for 13 years.

While pursuing a career in education, Joyce witnessed a close female friend thriving at an area roofing company. She was intrigued and wanted to know more. So, one summer, Joyce helped work at the roofing company, CMR. She never left.

At the time Joyce started with CMR, there was no HR department. From her background working with others, she spearheaded the effort to incorporate an HR department. Since then, CMR has grown from 36 to over 310 employees.

More than anything, Joyce loves the authenticity found in the roofing industry. This field provides endless opportunities to help people, especially in their greatest hour of need. Every house, every building, has a roof. CMR provides roofs and changes lives.

In Joyce’s view, women bring a new perspective to roofing. For women considering a career in roofing, the opportunities are limitless. In roofing, as a woman, you can achieve financial security, meet outstanding people, and influence future generations.

Joining National Women in Roofing:
In November 2018, Joyce became acquainted with NWiR for the first time. Because of her association with NWiR, she formed friendships and acquaintances with many other women in the industry. Through these connections, Joyce has been able to pursue professional assistance when needed or gain new ideas and perspectives.

With NWiR, Joyce has served as a contributor and speaker. She firmly believes that women should become involved in NWiR because there is a wealth of knowledge and talent available to them through the other members. Like so many other women in NWiR, Joyce discovered a place of authentic generosity and helpfulness.