Subject: Michelle, Chief Operating Officer, Rackley Roofing (Carthage, TN)
Submitted/Written By: National Women in Roofing
Date Posted: October 5, 2023

Roofing found Michelle. Her journey into this rewarding career began in 2008. While sifting through the want ads, she found a job posting for a receptionist at a local roofing company. Knowing nothing about roofing, she decided to take the plunge.

Before pursuing roofing, Michelle earned a degree in accounting and worked as a property manager. The knowledge and experience gained in those pursuits continued to benefit her as she climbed the ladder of success in the roofing industry.

After two years with one roofing company, Michelle made a switch. She joined Rackley Roofing in 2010. As time progressed, she advanced to Service Coordinator, Service Manager, VP of Service, and finally to COO beginning in 2017.

For Michelle, one of her biggest challenges (and accomplishments) was to climb on a roof for the first time. This experience emboldened her to provide an avenue to ensure anyone at her company desiring to do the same has the opportunity.

In her observation, roofing is an excellent place for any woman (regardless of background or experience) to build a career. The roofing industry is like an extended family. Most roofing professionals care about the success of one another.

Joining National Women in Roofing:
In 2015, Michelle attended Best of Success, where she first became aware of National Women in Roofing. At that time, NWiR was in its formative stages. In 2016, she became an NWiR member. Desiring to help NWiR expand because she believed in its mission to empower women in the roofing industry, she founded a local Tennessee council.

By 2018, Michelle became a member of NWiR’s Board of Directors, a position she still holds. In her years of service, she attained Executive Committee Chair, among other distinctions. Being associated with NWiR has transformed Michelle, helping her become more confident and allowing her to form profoundly meaningful relationships.