Subject: Liz, Chief Culture Officer, My Roofing Crew (Springfield, TN)
Submitted/Written By: National Women in Roofing
Date Posted: September 26, 2023

Before beginning at My Roofing Crew in 2018, Liz had no prior roofing experience. With a strong background in both sales and marketing and recruiting and staffing, she forged a successful career in other industries, including transportation/logistics and music.

When she started at My Roofing Crew, Liz took on various administrative responsibilities. Eventually, she moved into the role of Director of Marketing before settling in as the Chief Culture Officer, a position that fits her skill set perfectly.

In her current occupation, Liz functions as an organizational leader, setting the tone for how My Roofing Crew operates on a day-to-day basis. While fulfilling human resources and onboarding tasks, she also manages the customer and employee experiences.

Liz wholeheartedly believes every person wants to feel fulfilled and know they’ve had a lasting and meaningful impact on others. The roofing industry perfectly aligns with those principles. Roofing professionals help protect who and what matters most in life.

Passion for connecting women to roofing drove Liz to found She’s In Roofing. Today, her company markets “She’s In Roofing” branded merchandise (including apparel and accessories) to empower women to take pride in their chosen profession, roofing.

Joining National Women in Roofing:
Liz first became associated with NWiR in 2019. Initially, she joined NWiR simply to learn more about roofing. However, she never realized that a door had opened to forming lifelong friendships with other women in roofing across the globe. Today, Liz is active in her local NWiR chapter and serves on the NWiR Board of Directors.

In her view, Liz owes much of her personal and professional development to NWiR. Through networking, mentoring, and educational opportunities, she has found a group of like-minded women who share a passion for roofing. Women have been making waves in the industry for many years, and NWiR helps cheer them on to achieve success.