Subject: Dana, Branch Manager, Superior Distribution (Greenville, NC)
Submitted/Written By: National Women in Roofing
Date Posted: October 5, 2023

A native of Indiana, Dana graduated from Purdue University and spent many years as a successful bartender. One of her regulars encouraged Dana to consider the roofing industry. After enough convincing, she decided to try roofing part-time in 2017.

Initially, Dana was reluctant to enter into roofing. She perceived it as a male-dominated field where women didn’t have a meaningful place to belong. Surprisingly, she discovered that the roofing industry is much different - in a positive way.

In quick succession, Dana transitioned into the roofing profession full-time. Initially, she worked as a customer service representative. Subsequently, she moved into sales before becoming a Branch Manager in 2023, working for Superior Distribution.

As an accomplished roofing practitioner, she has the opportunity to learn something new every day. Dana cherishes building relationships with other professionals, including manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, adjusters, installers, and customers.

Today, from Dana’s perspective, the roofing industry presents more possibilities than ever before for women. The opportunities are limitless whether a woman wishes to explore sales, manufacturing, management, installation, or any other career avenue.

Joining National Women in Roofing:
Dana was introduced to NWiR in April 2019. At the first event she attended, Dana quickly discovered that many other women from all walks of life share a passion for the roofing industry. Soon afterward, she became a member of her local NWiR council and continues to attend nearly every chapter meeting possible.

As a NWiR member, Dana loves being around other women in the roofing profession. She enjoys hearing their stories and relishes their successes. Dana finds NWiR to be a supportive environment where women can feel empowered. She also appreciates the importance NWiR places on giving back charitably to the community.